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users read reviews online
trust reviews on the Internet as well as personal recommendations
After reading the response to a negative review, 33% change the review to positive, and 34% delete their negative review.
The best way to get ahead of competitors and increase sales is a lot of positive reviews from real users on Google!
In the Internet era, customers are looking for products or services, choosing companies by comparing the quality and quantity of reviews online, especially on Google and Google maps. The more reviews and the higher the rating, the higher the likelihood that preference will be given to you, and not to competitors. According to research data, companies with a large number of positive feedback receive at least 30% more orders and generating more business.

For example, eating places (cafes and restaurants), then the number of customers at places with a lot of positive feedback may be several times higher with reviews from Nicereviewer!

They trust Google, because Google geolocated accounts are tied to mobile phones, which reduces the risk of fake reviews, and allows you to follow each user's feedback history.
Our recent researches have shown that customers are 30% more likely calling and 42% more likely getting directions if there are photos in the company profile.
What are the benefits of a positive review feed?
Trust and loyalty of visitors who are looking for company like yours
The best positions of the companies on Google Maps and Google Search Engine
Source of new loyal customers
Live, constantly updated reviews feed, even with photo
Reduced marketing cost
Who do we work for?
Health services, Doctors
Hobbies and education courses
Beauty salons, Gyms
Decoration and finishing works
Restaurants, Cafes
Lawyers, Accountants, Financial
Domestic services
Auto businesses
And many others
How does it work?
We created a task for reviewers
You set your budget
We make sure you offer gets filled. We choose the reviewers
You approve your order upon completion
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